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    quakysense neo lycra socks long type jet


    These are hybrid type socks where the body part above the ankle is made of highly elastic Lycra (rash guard material) and the foot part is made of neoprene (wetsuit material).
    Spike paint is used on the sole of the foot to increase grip.
    These inner socks are characterized by the unique high-quality feel of the material that relieves the coldness of your fingertips. With these socks, putting on and taking off your wetsuit will be very easy.

    ■MATERIAL / 2.0mm chloroprene ■Applicable size (stretchable)

    [A word from the staff]
    Other manufacturers sell socks made entirely from neoprene, but the fabric is thick and has too much stretch, making it difficult to put them on and take them off.
    That's where these quakysenseno socks come in.
    The part that needs the most stretch is the Lycra material, so it's easy to put on and take off.
    You can shut out sand by pressing down on the Lycra part and placing it over your shoes to create a lid.
    I'm really happy that sand doesn't get in there.
    Also, when I wear this when putting on and taking off my wetsuit, it feels smooth and slips on my wet suit.
    Even when it was wet, the effect remained almost the same.
    This item is recommended by our staff at an affordable price.

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    Regular price ¥2,950
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    [Outlet] J-FISH Marine Socks 24.5-25.5cm Unisex Jet Boots Shoes Inner Socks Watercraft Surfing


    [Reason for outlet]
    Please note that the product tag may differ from the actual size before purchasing.
    M size has a tag of 26cm, but the actual size is about 24.5-25cm (strong stretch)
    Due to the outlet price, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

    These inner socks are made of chloroprene material and are soft to the touch, alleviating the coldness of your fingertips.
    Please use it with shoes.

    ■MATERIAL / approx. 2mm chloroprene

    [Staff recommended comments]
    These inner socks are a standard item that can be used for all types of marine sports.
    Not only do they work as cold-weather socks, but they also improve the feel, hold, and fit of your shoes, so please give them a try.

    Sale price ¥900 Regular price ¥2,500
    Regular price ¥900
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    UNLIMITED Socks Neoprene Watercraft Wetsuit Inner Shoes Jet Ski UNS6610BK


    These inner socks improve the fit of your shoes.

    ■The inside of the ankle is made of sliced ​​skin.
    The stretchy and tight material prevents slippage.
    At the same time, it also prevents water from entering, making it highly effective at keeping you warm.
    (It is not completely waterproof.)
    ■These socks have excellent heat retention and have a supple feel that won't make you feel stressed while wearing them, and excellent stretch performance.
    ■The bottom has a honeycomb rubber print that acts as a non-slip. We reduce the slippage with shoes and reduce power loss when stepping.

    ■MATERIAL / 2.0mm Chloroprene ■Applicable size S: 24.0-25.0cm
    M: 25.0-26.0cm
    L: 26.0-27.0cm
    XL: 27.0-28.0cm

    A super standard item that can be used for all marine sports.
    The fit and hold of the shoes is completely different, so please try them out.
    Since it is made of neoprene, it feels good on the skin and has a comfortable fit.

    Personal Watercraft PWC Watercraft Boat
    Water bike Jet ski Marine jet Marine shoes
    Marine boots Jet boots Laced shoes Riding shoes

    Sale price ¥3,500 Regular price ¥3,500
    Regular price ¥3,500
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